Leadership Team

Jeffrey K. Allen, Ph.D.

Founder, President & CEO 

Dr. Jeff Allen has over 20 years of experience in biotechnology, analyzing complex biological problems and then combining new and existing technologies to create innovative solutions. Throughout his career at Beckman (Coulter), Gen-Probe (Hologic) and BD,  Jeff has utilized both technical and business skill sets to launch new molecular based systems. The same combination of skills sets is now being applied to help find a cure for cancer. Dr. Allen has assembled a team of exceptional scientists with expertise in many different areas and given them a single focus; identify and capture cancer stem cells, The Root Cause of Cancer.


Peter Teriete, D. Phil.

Scientific Co-Founder

Dr. Teriete is Director and Head of Lead Discovery at Ideaya Biosciences. There he leads a team identifying small molecule drugs against cancer targets, with a specific focus on synthetic lethality.

He received his D.Phil. in biophysics and biochemistry from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, in 2004. Dr. Teriete was the lead scientist in solving the solution structure of the hyaluronan binding domain of the leukocyte homing receptor CD44. Dr. Teriete has published over 40 peer-reviewed research articles investigating relevant proteins for structure determination efforts, their role as bio-markers for prognosis in cancer, and as target to develop novel and potent therapeutics. Dr. Teriete has always explored entrepreneurial interest and completed a business certificate in Science Entrepreneurship from the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.


Scientific & Medical Advisory Board

Ezra Cohen, MD

Associate Director, Professor of Medicine

Moores Cancer Center, UC San Diego


Gregory Botta, MD, Ph.D.

Oncology Physician Scientist

Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center


Sandip Patel, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine and

Co-Leader of Experimental Therapeutics 

Moores Cancer Center, UC San Diego

Darren "Ben" Finlay, PhD

Research Associate Professor, NCI-Designated Cancer Center

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

La Jolla, CA

Samuel K. Kassegne, Ph.D., PE

Associate Professor, Director of MEMS Research Lab
Department of Mechanical Engineering, SDSU

Leslie Crews, Ph.D.

Assistant Adjunct Professor

University of California, San Diego

Board of Directors


Jeffrey K. Allen, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board


Peter Teriete, D. Phil.

Voting Member


Peter Coassin

Voting Member