Cancer remains deadly

600,000 will die from cancer this year in the USA
causes 90% of cancer deaths
70 years' of medical research have established metastatic cancer cell clusters (MCCCs) as a primary drivers for cancer's deadly spread (Hong et al).  
Cancer patients where these clusters are found in the blood face significantly worse outcomes.
Elimination of the MCCCs can dramatically reduce metastasis.


The future of cancer therapy must include fighting metastasis.

TumorGen's proprietary technology is a versatile platform that reveals unseen drug targets in MCCCs enabling the discovery of a new class of anti-metastatic drugs called "cluster busters".
Fighting metastasis will save patients' lives!


We at TumorGen will lead the fight against metastasis. Together with our partners in the biopharmaceutical industry we are now uncovering novel targets on MCCCs to eliminate metastasis. 


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MCCC from lung cancer patient.

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