Cancer remains deadly

600,000 will die from cancer this year in the USA
causes 90% of cancer deaths
Extensive research has shown that circulating cancer cell clusters (i.e. metastatic cancer cell clusters, MCCCs) are largely responsible for metastasis.

The future of cancer therapy must include fighting metastasis.

TumorGen's technology targets metastatic cancer cell clusters (MCCCs) at the earliest stage of metastasis.

Our technology is a versatile microfluidic platform that can reveal unseen drug targets, enables candidate drug validation in pre-clinical ex-vivo studies, and de-risks future clinical trials. 

Fighting metastasis will save patients' lives!


TumorGen wants to lead the fight against metastasis. For this, TumorGen is building the support and ecosystem to develop and validate our patented technology. Bringing together the right team of leading clinical oncologists, cancer researchers, and partners in biotechnology is essential to succeed in this novel therapeutic space. TumorGen is identifying new therapeutics that are enabling the next generation of cancer treatment focused on metastasis.

Multiple Myeloma B Cell Cluster 
Captured using the CSC   System 

Join us now to deliver the cure of tomorrow.