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TumorGen MDx is targeting the
Cancer Stem Cell Clusters.
They are the Root Cause of Cancer. 
Cancer Remains Deadly

Cancer Remains Deadly

600,000 will die from cancer this year
causes 90% of cancer deaths
33% die within 5 years
leads to prolonged disease and
worse outcomes
Cancer Stem Cells

The Cancer Stem Cells

It is the medical consensus that cancer stem cells are responsible for metastasis, recurrence and therapy resistance.

Cancer Stem Cell Clusters

Cancer stem cells are circulating in cancer patient's blood. They are rare and hard to find.
The most malignant travel in clusters.
Multiple Myeloma B Cell Cluster 
Captured using the CSC3 System 
LiveCap MDx

The LiveCap MDx™ Process

The LiveCap MDx™ Process takes liquid biopsies to the next level.




CSC3 Chip

Capture live cancer stem cells and clusters from patient blood

Next generation sequencing

Single cell sequencing and comprehensive analysis identify optimal therapy

Drug testing

Test recommended therapy on captured and live patient cells

Optimized personalized therapy

Patient receives optimized combination therapy targeting bulk and Cancer Stem Cells

Our Partners

Have you ever talked to a cancer patient?   

They are ALWAYS worrying about if and when their cancer returns.

They ALWAYS feel like a patient.

The LiveCap MDx™ Process is a path to a cure, enabling patients to become people again.

enabling patients to become people again

Understanding Cancer

Understanding Cancer

Cancer is a disease of our DNA.

Watch “The Anatomy of Cancer” to learn more

The origins of cancer typically begin with a break in the DNA (mutations) within our cells. The DNA mutations result in erroneous signaling messages to the cells causing uncontrolled cell growth. New research on tumors using next generation DNA sequencing technology suggests each person’s cancer is genetically unique. The treatment implications from these findings are profound since it indicates therapy should be tailored or ‘targeted’ to the individual patient. This paradigm is commonly referred to as ‘Personalized Medicine’, ‘Precision Medicine’ or ‘Targeted Therapy’.

DNA breaks or changes are called mutations. Modern cancer treatment requires DNA analysis (genetic sequencing analysis of the tumor) to identify what ‘Personalized Medicine’ is best.

Targeted therapy and personalized medicine

Mutations or breaks in the DNA can accumulate in adult tissue stem cells sometimes becoming Cancer Stem Cells which begin growing tumors.  

What is a Cancer Stem Cell?

More Scientific Depth

Cancer Stem Cells: New Frontier in Cancer Research

Presented by Dr. Max Wicha

University of Michigan, Comprehensive Cancer Center

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