TumorGen, our Partners, and the Fight Agains Metastasis in the NEWS

TumorGen and PhenoVista join forces to illuminate metastasis - 16-Sep-2021

This collaboration will integrate TumorGen’s microfluidic capture system with PhenoVista’s cell cluster imaging platform to better understand how the spread of cancer is driven by the metastatic cancer cell clusters (MCCCs).

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TumorGen proudly announces receiving a $390,000 SBIR grant from the National Cancer Institute focused on targeting metastasis - 26-Aug-2021

The funds will be used to validate our revolutionary biomimicry-immuno-capture technology, used to analyze circulating metastatic cancer cell clusters (MCCCs).

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Darren ‘Ben’ Finlay, Ph.D. joins the TumorGen scientific team as a ‘Co-Investigator’ for the SBIR grant from the National Cancer Institute - 26-Aug-2021

We are thrilled to have Dr. Finlay join us as we begin to validate our unique microfluidic platform by analyzing whole blood samples from non-small cell lung cancer patients.  The experience Ben brings to the project, specifically on multi-cellular cancer cell spheroids, will greatly expedite our progress. Dr. Ben Finlay is the Scientific Director of Tumor Analyses at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP).  TumorGen is pleased to be working directly with SBP, an NCI-Designated Cancer Center and with Ben to bring a new focus on cancer metastasis.  



TumorGen Advances In The San Diego Angel Conference Competition - 30-Jan-2020

TumorGen has been selected to present our technology and business opportunity to a select group of local investors on 6-Feb-2020.  Dr. Peter Teriete will be presenting our vision on Fighting the Root Cause of Cancer and how we will change the way cancer is treated!  



TumorGen welcomes Dr. Ezra Cohen to the board of medical and scientific advisors - October 10, 2017

Dr. Ezra Cohen, a board-certified oncologist and cancer researcher at UCSD's Moores Cancer Center here in La Jolla joined TumorGen MDx's board of medical and scientific advisors. Dr. Cohen, a highly regarded clinical oncologist, has a strong focus on developing novel therapies and understanding mechanisms of sensitivity or resistance; cancer screening; and using medication and other agents to delay or prevent cancer (chemoprevention). His mission synergies well with our vision at TumorGen MDx and we are excited to add Dr. Cohen to our strong team. 

Learn more about Dr. Cohen here: https://providers.ucsd.edu/details/22401/ezra-cohen-cancer-la_jolla

The TumorGen Breakthrough Team publishes it's first paper - June 18, 2019

Titled: "Design and production of a novel microfluidic device for the capture and isolation of circulating tumor cell clusters", it primarily describes the design of our microfluidic chip.  The article, published by AIP Advances, can be found on-line at:



If you would like a little more background on why we are focused on capturing cancer cell clusters, have a look at the press release on our paper via the link below:


TumorGen launches new website - August 29, 2017


On August 29, 2017 TumorGen MDx went ‘live’ with its new and updated website.  More information including videos illustrate continued progress on the Cancer Stem Cell Capture Chip (CSC3™) and our LiveCap MDx™ Process.

CureMatch Gets Seed Funding - August 15, 2017

CureMatch, a strategic partner with TumorGen MDx, announced they had raised a bridge round to a Series A financing


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TumorGen Update STRIVE Award given to TumorGen - June 3, 2016

TumorGen MDx was awarded a prestigious Strive Award from Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute.

This foundational seed funding allows TumorGen MDx to set focused resources on the next step in our fight against the root cause of cancer.

The San Diego Union-Tribune - November 4, 2014 

News of our novel approach to capture cancer stem cells and the work we are doing with the Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute plus San Diego State Univ. somehow made it to the San Diego Union Tribune.


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Cancer Stem Cell Capture Chip (CSC3™) From TumorGen - March 28, 2014

This new device we are developing can capture extremely rare Cancer Stem Cells. We believe Cancer Stem Cells are the root cause of why tumors spread throughout the body. Capturing and genetically analyzing these cells may help stop cancer metastases.